Ludington State Park

Photo by Todd & Brad Reed Photography

There’s a reason why the Ludington State Park is known as the #1 state park in Michigan. Actually, there are many, many reasons. With its abundant natural resources and endless activities, the Ludington State Park offers a vacation within itself.

While vacationing or visiting Hamlin Lake, the only way to access the park is by your choice of water vessel. 

Once reaching shore,  enjoy access to concessions, a handicap-accessible playground, pavilions, picnic tables, grills, and more!

Bring your hiking shoes along to explore several trails that lie close to the beach, too. 


After launching your boat or kayak into the water, head west toward the Big Sable River where the water narrows. Head too far and you’ll hit the waterfall that flows from the dam.

Shortly before lies Hamlin Lake Beach inside of the Ludington State Park. 

More Hamlin Lake Beaches & Parks

Hamlin Lake Beach

The Hamlin Lake Beach within the Ludington State Park is fun for the whole family! With a dedicated, weed-free swimming area and more!

South Bayou Park

Enjoy this small, relaxing park as an easy place to place your boat in the water or throw a line out to catch some pan fish for dinner.

Long Skinny Park

Long Skinny Park is located on Lower Hamlin Lake between the South and Middle bayous. Perfect for fishing or viewing the dunes.

Ludington State Park

With more than 5,000 acres of land to explore, the Ludington State Park is known as one of the best in the State of Michigan.