Shop Local and Keep Money in Your Community

We live and work in our communities, and making them strong benefits us all. It's true that online shopping offers a wide variety of goods, but profits made by large chain stores leave the area and support schools and jobs in other locations. Strive to do your shopping at area stores and support local business.

Studies from the Michigan Retailer Association have found that Michigan would gain an estimated 74,000 additional jobs and $9 billion in additional economic activity if more people shopped locally. Plus, new workers would earn $2.5 billion in additional wages if Michigan consumers bought from Michigan retailers rather than online "remote" sellers.

Here are a few reasons to shop local:

1) Create More Jobs. Small businesses are the nation's largest employers. The more traffic into their shops, the more employees they need. Neighbors helping neighbors is what keeps communities strong. Property taxes paid by local businesses support the school system.

2) Environmentally Friendly. Local businesses make more purchases locally, which requires less transportation and therefore, less pollution. Plus, transporting these goods from distant locations puts higher prices on products due to skyrocketing fuel costs.

3) Unique Choices. When you're looking for a gift or product that represents the community, you'll find what you need at local shops, which sell everything from handmade items to custom designed jewelry. This further keeps money in the pockets of people who live and work in town.

4) Personal/Customer Service. You simply get better service at smaller shops. The owners and workers have a better understanding of the products they sell, and they are more accessible to their customers. If you buy online and have problems with your product, you can't just take it back without it being a hassle. Local businesses want to keep you happy....and keep you coming back. They'll service what they sell, or make sure you get a replacement. Trying to deal with a vendor that is out in "cyberspace" does not produce good results.

5) Strengthen Your Community. Studies have shown that when you buy from an independent local business rather than a nationally owned one, more of your money stays in the community, strengthening the economic base of your town and county. Many local businesses support charities which in turn help the needy and homeless in the area.

People make choices every day about various aspects of their lives including the purchases they make. If you want a strong economy then shop locally. Remember...the job you save may be your own!

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