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Hamlin Lake Weather and Water Temperatures

One of the wonderful things about Hamlin Lake is the shape of the lake. Here’s why. Upper Hamlin Lake runs east and west, while Lower Hamlin Lake runs north and south. This means that, no matter what the wind direction on any given day, there’s probably a section of the lake which can be enjoyed. Hamlin Lake also has multiple bayous which are often very sheltered from the prevailing winds.

Hamlin Lake is for All Seasons

Hamlin Lake’s most popular season is summer, for who doesn’t love those lake breezes on a balmy day? Yet, the beauty of Hamlin Lake is certainly spectacular in the spring and fall as well. During the winter, Hamlin Lake is typically frozen solid enough for ice-fishing and snowmobiling fun.

Hamlin Lake Water Temperatures

The waters of Hamlin Lake beaches are typically much warmer than the water along Lake Michigan beaches. So, if the big lake feels a bit on the chilly side, head to a sheltered Hamlin Lake beach, such as the beach within the Ludington State Park.

More Hamlin Lake Activities & Attractions

Activities & Attractions

Golden sand. Beautiful scenery. Great Fishing. Hamlin Lake has it all! There’s something for everyone at Hamlin Lake.

Festivals and Events

A beautiful fireworks display and free fishing happen every year at Hamlin Lake. Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in either one!

Beaches and Parks at a Glance

Whether you’re viewing Hamlin Lake from the grass or from the dunes, you won’t be disappointed in the beauty that surrounds you.

Hamlin Lake Fireworks

The Hamlin Lake Preservation Society presents fireworks over the lake around each July 4th. The show is shot from Camp Douglas.


If there’s one thing that Hamlin Lake is known for, it’s excellent fishing. Catch crappie, bluegill, and more across thousands of acres.

Hamlin Lake Dam

Read about the mighty dam that lives in Hamlin Lake came to be and how it is utilized to help protect this man-made lake.

Sand Dunes

Small destinations within themselves, visitors of Hamlin Lake will go on an adventure to find their perfect dune.